Buddy Knows: Fleas and Ticks Are No Fun

Spring is here! We made it through another cold and icy winter. Now, the trees are blooming, birds are singing, and… bugs are back. Yep, the trade off for beautiful weather and outdoor adventure is dealing with pests. Pet parents have to be especially careful because our fur babies typically love to spend as much time outside as possible, which puts them at risk for becoming hosts to fleas and ticks. It is good practice to make sure your pet is treated with a flea and tick preventative, even if you don’t spend your weekends with him/her hiking through the woods. Simply letting your pet outside in your backyard – or taking a short walk around the neighborhood – can expose him/her to these harmful parasites.

December through February are low-risk months for fleas and ticks because of freezing temperatures, so many pet parents only treat their pets with a preventative during the warmer months. This strategy is fine, but sometimes the warm weather can sneak up on us and you might not start treatment on time. Make sure you plan ahead and have your pet’s medication ready for the very start of flea and tick season to minimize his/her risk of exposure. Though peak flea and tick season is considered to be May through September when temperatures are consistently higher, treatment should begin in March as temperatures start to rise. These parasites do prefer warm weather, but are able to tolerate cooler temperatures too, so it is not unusual to start seeing them in early spring.

At Yappie Cuttery, we offer a flea and tick shampoo treatment when parasites are found during grooming (or when clients come in aware of the issue and request the treatment). The shampoo effectively kills all parasites currently on the pet, but this method of treatment is reactive instead of proactive. It is always best to prevent infestation in the first place, because by the time you find the parasites, enough time may have passed for the parasites to transmit various diseases to your poor pet.

Don’t let fear of fleas and ticks stop you and your pets from enjoying the spring and summer seasons. Ask your vet for product recommendations, and keep an eye on the ingredients labels to avoid chemicals that are potentially toxic to your pet.

Happy spring!

The Yappie Cuttery Team