Thank You

Recently, many new faces (and snoots!) have joined our clientele- don’t worry! We have a full staff of dedicated, enthusiastic people ready to service all our furry clients, new and old, whenever you need. But we were curious as to why so many people were leaving their previous groomers and switching to us. The response was unanimous: other grooming salons have raised their prices, claiming it is the result of both inflation and the pandemic.

Well, here at Yappie Cuttery, our prices have remained the same throughout the pandemic and despite inflation. Our determination to ensure pet care is affordable and accessible stems from our firm belief that no one should be forced to sacrifice their furry family member’s care and upkeep due to economic fluctuations.

We are thrilled to welcome our new clients and we extend our deepest gratitude to our existing clients; it is, and always has been, an honor and joy to serve you and your pets!